SP Kids

 Doing it for the Kids


The charitable purpose of So Precious has been extended to enable fundraising and support to include the Paediatric Departments at NHS Forth Valley.  It is no secret that neonates are fond of the odd trip to Kids Ward post neonatal and and the natural thing for So Precious to do, is to support the paediatric ward too.  The fund will be known as So Precious Kids (abbreviated to SP Kids) and will offer assistance with the purchasing of advanced diagnostic equipment and the provision of educational games, books and activities to keep children entertained whilst they receive medical care.


The SP Kids logo was designed by twins Thomas and Blair McMillan - both neonatal graduates...who have also been partial to a trip to kids ward!

If you have spent some time in the ward we would love to hear your comments about additional resource you would have found useful.

Please drop us an e-mail at info@so-precious.co.uk