Do it at School

There are many ways that your school can help.

here are a few ideas on how your school can fundraise to help So Precious;

  • dress down day
  • talent contest and fashion show
  • story writing competition
  • school disco
  • car boot sale
  • sponsored silence...shh!
  • swimathon, readathon or zumbathon
  • fundraising event as a school project

At Christmas time, you could even suggest to your friends that instead of sending Christmas cards to each other, you make a donation to So Precious instead.  We will even post your Christmas message on our facebook page, tweet it and put it on our website for everyone to see and share!

Whatever you decide to do as fundraiser, we will be here to support you whenever you need it.  From sharing ideas to helping with advertising your event, our team are always on hand.

We have lots of stuff that might help with your fundraising endeavours from leaflets to posters, to flags and banners, buckets and t-shirts! just ask!