Sensory Aids

These valuable aids help support and comfort our precious little one's and are always a welcome donation by the team, a number of items were donated from the Philips Positioning range of products costing just under £1,000.00

The Frederick T Frog family of positioning aids includes versatile, frog-shaped beanbags designed by a NICU nurse to help achieve clinicians' goals for developmentally supportive positioning.

The Bendy Bumper family includes bendable positioning aids that stay in place until reshaped by the caregiver. They can be molded into the desired shape to promote containment and to provide a reflex stimulus for extremity extension and subsequent flexion recoil.

The SnuggleUp is a soft, cozy nest that helps to provide proper positioning and physiological stability for preterm and ill babies. The padded footroll and the soft, adjustable straps allow movement while gently maintaining appropriate positioning and flexion. Once comfortably nested in the SnuggleUp, the baby can be weighed, moved, examined or transported with fewer disruptions, which may help reduce stress on the developing infant.

Prone Plus was developed to meet the prone positioning needs of hospitalized infants. It assists in proper prone positioning and ventral support (important aspects in the Developmental Care of infants) by using the natural force of gravity.