Flexmort Cuddle Cot

We understand that the death of a baby is incredibly difficult and the CuddleCot is internationally recognised as something which can give parents a chance to spend some precious time with their baby. 

CuddleCot system cools the baby allowing the family time to bond. The CuddleCot cooling pad is placed in any moses basket, crib, pram or bed; it is connected by a specially insulated hose and is quietly cooled using the CuddleCot cooling unit. 

So Precious wanted to purchase the CuddleCot after seeing the fundraising efforts of Mark and Stacey who set about fundraising for one after their son Mark Robert Wyse was stillborn at Forth Valley Royal Hospital, Larbert on January 21st 2012.  So Precious deliverd a cot to the Neonatal Unit in September 2010 and Mark and Stacey presented a cot to the Hospital in October 2012. 

The cost of the unit is £1,370. 

More details on the CuddleCot can be found on the Flexmort website here