So Precious were able to purchase two of these mattresses at a cost of £3,219.80 following the success of the So Precious Ball in 2012.

Prevention of hypothermia in neonates is very important in order to allow optimum development of the baby. In many infants thermoregulation is impaired in the early days of life and early active warming can prevent problems arising later.

CosyTherm exploits Inditherm's patented flexible polymer technology to provide unrivalled warming performance and very fast warm up. A sealed mattress is used, with integrated pressure relief, giving open access to the baby and making the system convenient to use and easy to clean. Safety is assured, with no water or circulating air and low voltage operation. CosyTherm will fit existing cribs, cots and nursing equipment and eliminates the need for maintenance, reducing costs and saving time

The image and details relating to the CosyTherm are from the website of Inditherm and you can see the full site here