Calesca Bottle Warming/Thawing Device

Two Calesca bottle warming/thawing devices were delivered to the Neontal Unit in March 2013. The total cost was £2,074.

Designed for individual care in the NICU, Calesca is a warming/thawing device for breastmilk and is to be used in a hospital environment

  • Gentle warming: Calesca gently warms breastmilk up to body temperature
  • Safe: the dry system (warm air) eliminates infection control concerns associated with heating feeds in water
  • Fast thawing: the device has a mode that allows to quickly thaw breastmilk for situations in which there is no milk left in the refrigerator and the baby is hungry
  • Hygienic: the disposable inserts reduce cross-contamination and make it easy to clean the device

The above information relaing to the device is available from the Medela website here