BiliSoft Cover & Nest

Delivery of 2 Bilisoft covers have been made to the neonatal unit in February 2013 at a cost of £7,256.80


Effective newborn jaundice treatment


BiliSoft delivers phototherapy virtually anywhere--in the neonatal ICU, Pediatrics, Well Baby Nursery or at home. BiliSoft can be used in virtually any environment--in a radiant warmer, incubator, crib or in a caregiver's arms. Supports developmental and family-centered care. A newborn can be wrapped, fed, held during phototherapy sessions.

  • Versatile positioning and mounting options are available:
    • Bed mounted units conserve space in all care areas
    • Roll stand mounted option provides added flexibility
    • Either option helps ensures quick access to the baby
  • Hosts a long-lasting blue LED light engine - 8,000 to 10,000 hours
  • Emits high spectral irradiance:
    • 35 µW·cm-2·nm-1 (large pad)
    • 50 µW·cm-2·nm-1 (small pad)
  • X-ray compatible

All above details can be seen on the website for GE Healthcare here