In April we launched an appeal for £10,000 to enable this incubator to be purchased for the Neonatal Unit at Forth Valley Royal Hospital, we are delighted and overwhelmed that we are in a position just 3 months after that appeal was launched to have sufficient funds to raise a purchase order for the BabyTherm which cost just over £11k.

An amazing amount of fundraising monies were raised by Waterbabies who held sponsored swimming events during a week in June, Thanks to Wendy Lambie for organising the events.

The main use of the Baby Therm is an intensive care Infant Warming System intended as a therapeutic device providing warmth for premature and full term neonates.. It will however also enable babies born with a moderate or severe hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (a condition in which the brain does not receive enough oxygen) to benefit from passive cooling care which is believed to reduce the effects of HIE. 

The Baby Therm will enable babies to benefit from passive cooling initiated at Forth Valley Royal Hospital prior the baby being transferred to an active cooling centre for continued care. 

More information on the Babytherm can be found here